Review of Wellfitting’s Beige Nude Longline Demi: Part 2 – 30K (UK 30H) by /u/xuenylom

First of all, here is a link to part 1 where I tried Wellfitting size 30HH (UK 30G). As it was much too small in the cups, Wellfitting offered to send me another in a size 30K.  Both bras were given to me in exchange for an honest review. I’ve spent a long time analysing Bratabase data to help me write this review, and I’m glad I did because now I have a much better understanding of the scaling and proportions. I will be comparing the two bras in terms of measurements and fit. I will also be comparing the two bras to some popular well known bras so that if you fit into [this popular bra] then you might also fit into the Wellfitting Longline in either 30HH or 30K (or the size inbetween, 30J).

Summary of Part 1

In the 30HH:


  • The look and quality
  • The feel and comfort
  • The band fits well
  • The gore is quite narrow (this is good for me because my breasts are close together)

Cons: (not really cons, because this would be perfect for someone with a different breast shape!)

  • The underwires aren’t long enough for my breasts, which escape out the side
  • The cups therefore aren’t tall enough for my breasts, so most of my breasts isn’t inside the cup
  • The cups weren’t deep enough, so I got overspill/quadboob and the gore didn’t tack
  • The underwires didn’t follow the shape of my boobs at the side or were too wide (this is possibly something that is never going to happen with my boobs, and I will explain further on)


Now for the 30K!

The 30K is just as beautifully made as the 30HH. Simple, but elegant.


The gore also has the bow and bead on it:


With the bows at the bottom of the straps at the front:


It has fully-adjustable straps with a U-back. Unlike the website though, the 30K (and the 30HH) I receieved had 5 columns and 3 rows of hooks and eyes, instead of 6. I think maybe bras with smaller bands may be designed for shorter people with smaller frames so have shorter bands.


As you can see here, this bra has the same “Comexim for Wellfitting” tag.


Then, on the other side we have a size conversion.


The cup is a 3 part (2 seam) foam lined half cup. This is my favourite style and you will see why in the pictures with me wearing it.


There are side seam/panels but these are not boned and are very comfortable. In fact the bra is just very comfortable. The fabric is soft and the cotton lined insides of the cups are cosy.


How the bra fits me

As you will be able to tell – this bra is a much better fit than the 30HH. There is more coverage and no quadboob. If it looks like there is quadboob, then it’s an illusion. The cups perfectly lay flat against my boobs at the top. This is the best part of the fit.


The straps are too wide for my frame, but I can simply wear them angled inwards like this. The cups are providing great coverage at the sides with no breast tissue spilling out the side. The gore tacks nicely in the middle. At the very bottom, I could do with a bit more immediate depth from the cups so that the underwire can sit closer to my breast root. Later on you will see some of my attempts to bend the wire to better match my breast shape, which, being splayed, can cause bras that would be perfect otherwise, to have underwires not exactly following my breast shape.

Fit aside – this cleavage is actually amazing for me. I think sometimes that people forget that having cups a little shallower than your shape can help shape them and push them up a little to give that “cakes on a plate” style. I got a good approval from my boyfriend too!


The band is a little shorter on my bra than the one shown on the website. On my 5″3-5″4 frame it looks like a mix between a full band and a longline. I would have prefered it to have the longer band and 6 hooks and eyes as shown on the website, but it still looks fabulous. I’ve got a ribcage flare and quite a bit of chub underneath my boobs, so it is helping to flatten that out but a slightly longer band would have been preferable.

From the back, this bra looks excellent again. (I took part of the tag off as I shall be keeping this bra, but forgot to remove the ribbon part). Although it looks like back fat at the sides, I’ve already swooped and scooped and that is actually my shoulder blades which are quite big. The band fits comfortably and stays in place. I am a larger 30 and this is a good amount of firmness and stretchiness for me.


Another view of the front shows the lift I’m getting in this. It looks like I’m almost quadboobing, but actually it’s just managing to give me cleavage like this without the quadboobing, which is quite rare for my breasts which, although they are very close together, are fuller on the outside. As you can see, there’s about 5mm at the bottom of the cups where my boob isn’t quite managing to reach down to the bottom of the cup. I don’t think going up a size will help with this, however as you will see later on, I have tried bending the wires to slightly adjust how the cups fit.


When I put my arms back more than I normally would it looks like there’s about to be quadboob. If I slouch, there’s a bit of gapping. This is all normal and overall, when I’m standing up straight, the cups are perfect. As you can see, my under-armpit breast tissue is now getting covered. Although I consider my breast root to be narrow, I feel like there is tissue outside of that root, somehow. This bra doesn’t rub and contains all the tissue that I want it to (until I properly figure out where exactly my breast tissue ends).


Another angle to show how flattering this new size is. You might be able to spot a bit of ribcage flare.


And from the other side:

Now, this is after swooping and scooping. The underarm jut out just above the underwire is actually shoulderblade with a bit of fat on it. It won’t go inside the cups however much I swoop and scoop. My arms are big proportionally compared to the rest of me. I just adore the shape of these cups though, which I think is called “apples in a basket”.


From the side in this picture it looks like the band is slightly rising up at the back, but I think it’s just my posture. You can also see that the very bottom of the cup is too shallow for me to get my breasts fully down into. Essentially I need more immediate depth/immediate projection there. As far as I can guess, my breasts are between moderately projected and projected and slightly conical, so this bra does shape them to look rounder and less projected.


On the other side you can see that my left boob, being smaller and needing less immediate depth/projection seems to fit closer to the underwire than my right breast.


Leaning slightly forward, you can see that the gore is tacking and the cup is laying flat against my breast tissue. The cups are higher than that of the 30HH and the top lace doesn’t dig in like the 30HH did.



Even though similar, I wanted to include the picture above just because of how beautiful the bra looks in the picture. The slighly shiny touch to the fabric gives such a luxurious look.

Comparing the 30HH to the 30K

Laying the 30K on top of the 30HH, you can see that the 30K has a slightly longer unstretched band.


In this picture, you can see how the 30K has deeper, taller cups than the 30HH. The gores are roughly the same width and also the cups are the same width too.


In the picture above and the picture below, the 30HH is laid on top of the 30K so you can see that their cups are the same width apart, but different in height and projection.IMG_1363

So, as last time I said that the wires of the 30HH weren’t quite following my breast root, and the wires of 30K being the same width but not the same length, I was advised by Wellfitting to try bending the wires slightly (as they are softer rather than stiffer) to see if I could get them to line up with my breast root.

So – you can see my attempt here is to make the cups more “splayed” – so further apart at the bottom than at the top, and also bending the wire inwards at the top as my breast root is narrower at the top.


Now the wires are better following my splayed breast shape at the front. From the side, the underwires were also following my root better. Success!


Comparing the measurements of the 30HH to the 30K

The band length (unstretched):

30HH: 23 inches / 58.4 cm
30K: 24.8 inches / 63 cm

The band length (stretched):

30HH: 30.5 inches
30K: 31.5 inches

The 30HH band runs more true to size and the 30K band runs larger. So someone who usually goes for tight 32 bands might be okay with going for a 30, if they usually go for 32J in Wellfitting (UK 32GG).

In terms of stretchiness, the 30HH stretched 7.5 inches (30% bigger), and the 30K stretched 6.7 inches (27% bigger). So the 30K started off bigger, ended up bigger, but was less stretchy than the 30HH.

Based on 30HH and 30K, I would estimate that if I had gone for a 30J, the band might have been 23.9″ unstretched and would have stretched to 30.7″.

The website says “extra tall band” but mine doesn’t look as long as the one on the website. Perhaps the bands on 30s are shorter?

Cup width:

30HH: 6 inches

30K: 6 inches

Both bras, although two cup sizes apart, had the same cup width. This was particularly interesting. This means that the fit of the Nude Demi Longline bra is going to be different for each bra size. Someone who fits the cup width of the 30HH but not the cup depth can simply go up a cup size, but someone who finds the 30HH too narrow will not be able to do this, but could bend/stretch the wires outwards to achieve the same effect. As the cup widths weren’t any different, the underwire came to roughly the same point.

Going from 30C(30:3) to 30O(30:14), the 30HH and 30K are 7th and 9th out of the 14 cup sizes made in a 30 band for this bra. So the 30HH could essentially be called the midpoint, whereas the 30K is on the larger end of the scale, for a 30 band in this bra. There is only one more cup size in the other bands this bra is made in, and that is 26P (26:15). Of the 26 to 46 bands (11 bands) this bra is made in, a  30 band is the 3rd smallest band size made.

So, the 30HH is one of the smaller band sizes with a mid-range cup letter, and the 30K is one of the smaller band sizes with a large cup letter. I shall be describing the scaling further down, as I will be comparing both these bras to many others in the same sizes, to give you a good idea of how narrow/wide and shallow/deep they are relative to what’s out there.

Cup depth: (measurement inside the cup, from one side to the other, at the deepest point)

30HH: 9.5 inches
30K: 11 inches

Now, here is where the main difference lies between the two bras. Both at a 6″ cup width, the 30HH has a cup width: depth ratio of 6:9.5 which is 1:1.6, whereas the 30K has a cup width:depth ratio of 6:11 which is 1:1.8. The 30K is clearly a much better fit for me. Perhaps a tad big without swooping and scooping but definitely better than the 30HH. My breasts seem to be growing, so I’m really happy with the cups of the 30K. I assume based on the above measurements that a 30J might have a cup depth of 10.25 and a cup width:depth ratio of 1:1.7.

So  the website needs to explain this better in order to not be misleading as it says:
“Great for: breasts full on bottom, breasts full on top, full bust,projected breasts, wide root breasts ”

But it does not state that the fit will actually depend on which size you go for. Just by looking at the 30HH and 30K I know that these two bras will fit differently-shaped breasts. Also, projected breasts and wide root breasts are mutually exclusive, as projected breasts are those that have a short, narrow root and have breast tissue distributed forward, whereas wide root breasts can only be shallow or semi-projected. After comparing the bras with others in the same size, I will be giving my opinion on what shape breasts I think these two bras will actually be great for.

Wire length:

30HH: 9 inches
30K: 11.5 inches

The 30K gives me much more coverage at the sides, which is good for me. The wire is the right length and does not let any breast tissue spill out and also doesn’t poke into my armpit. I’m around 5’3″-5’4″. Someone quite short (4’8″-5’2″) might prefer the wire length in the 30HH, whereas someone tall (5’9″+) may find that the coverage the 30K gives looks a bit more like the 30HH on me.

Gore height:

Including band:

30HH: 5.5″
30K: 5.5″

From top of gore to level at bottom of underwires:

30HH: 3.5″
30K: 3.5″

So, both had the same gore height and had 2″ of band underneath the underwires.

The gore height was not an issue for me in either of the bras due to the gore being narrow.

Wing height:

30HH: 5.5″
30K: 6″

The 30K had more wing coverage at the side which looked and felt much better than on the 30HH.

Cup separation/gore width:

30HH: 0.7″
30K: 0.9″

The 30K had a very slightly wider gore. I tend to prefer a narrower gore, but both were fine as they were still either narrow or medium for their size range.

Strap width: The strap width was the same (0.7″) for both of the bras. I had no issues with the width of either straps.

Hooks: 5

The website says “2-degree 6-hook fastening” however both the bras I got had 5 rows of hooks and eyes. I feel like if there should have been a different number of rows of hooks depending on bra size, this should have been mentioned on the website. Both the bras I received simply did not match the descriptions on the website.

Cup height:

30HH: 5.6
30K: 6.75

So, just measuring, from my nipple to the bottom of my breast is around 4″ unsupported and 5″ supported. My nipples are low. The 30HH, as said in the previous review, although not exposing my nipples, is starting to curve inwards at the top too soon. The 30K is MUCH better as you can see. I think I could possibly go for a 30J if I wanted a bit less coverage, as I estimate that it would have a cup height of around 6.2 inches.

Comparing the 30HH and 30K to other bras in their size range:

Compared to other bras in their size…

Unstretched band:

The 30HH:

  • has a slightly tight band for its size (other 30:9 (UK 30G) bras have  unstretched bands of 21″ to 26.5″)

The 30K:

  • has a slightly loose band for its size ( other 30:11 (UK 30H) bras have unstretched bands of 21.9″ to 26.7″)

Stretched band:

The 30HH:

  • has a medium length band for its size (other 30:9 (UK 30G) bras have stretched band lengths of 27.5″ to 34″)

The 30K:

  • has a medium length band for its size (other 30:11 (UK 30H) bras have stretched band lengths of 27.6″ to 34.5″)

Cup width:

The 30HH:

  • has a medium width cup for its size (other 30:9 (UK 30G) bras have cup widths of 5″-7″)

The 30K:

  • has a slightly narrow width cup for its size (other 30:11 (UK 30H) bras have cup widths of 5.5″-7″)

Cup depth:

The 30HH:

  • has a slightly low cup depth measurement for its size (other 30:9 (UK 30G) bras have cup depth measurements of 8.5″ to 11.6″)

The 30K:

  • has a low cup depth measurement for its size (other 30:11 (UK 30H) bras have cup depth measurements of 10.2″ to 13.4″)

Cup width:depth ratio (tells you how shallow or deep a cup is):

The 30HH:

  • has slightly shallow cups for its size (other  30:9 (UK 30G) bras have cup width:depth ratios of 1:1.4 to 1:2)

The 30K:

  • has medium depth cups for its size (other 30:11 (UK 30H) bras have cup width:depth ratios of 1:1.5 to 1:2.1)

If you fit into these well known, popular bras, then you are likely to also fit into the Wellfitting Demi Longline!

These bras have similar measurements to the 30HH Wellfitting Demi Longline:
(65H Change, 65G Ewa Michalak, 65G Kris Line, 65HH Comexim)bras like 30HH longline demi

These bras have very similar measurements to the 30K Wellfitting Demi Longline:
(65H Kris Line, 65H Ewa Michalak)similar to 30K longline demi

So, in conclusion

The 30K beat the 30HH in that it

  • Had a deeper cup
  • Didn’t give me quadboob
  • Had longer wires that encompassed more breast tissue
  • Gave me great uplift and cleavage without any pain or quadboob
  • Was comfortable, especially in the band
  • Had soft underwires that could let me customise the fit by slight bending

Both bras:

  • Were beautifully made
  • Were a tad too shallow at the bottom, but not enough for it to be a problem as I still got lift out of the bra and an excellent shape
  • Had more of a rounded underwire whereas I needed more of a taller “U” shaped underwire on the outside and an upside down “V” shaped gore, however I was able to easily adjust the bra
  • Had straps quite wide, which, with my narrow shoulders meant that I needed to wear the straps slightly diagonally
  • Didn’t quite match what the website said in regards to the amount of hooks, and the level of projection (neither were projected)

I am going to be keeping both bras. I will be wearing the 30K now, and keeping the 30HH for if I lose a bit of weight and boob, as the band runs a little tight and the cups a little small.

Wellfitting is actually having an up to 50% sale today! So now is your chance to try out one of their bras too!