Review of Wellfitting’s Beige Nude Longline Demi: Part 1- 30HH (UK 30G) by /u/xuenylom

So, I spotted a “get a free bra” on the Wellfitting website (in return for an honest review), and, as a moderator at ABraThatFits, and part of the site team over at,  I thought I’d try Wellfitting for the first time (for just the price of postage) and try to settle the ABTF debate as to whether Wellfitting sizes lined up with UK sizing, or were more like Comexim sizing.

A bit about the Wellfitting:

Wellfitting is a US company owned by two sisters, Julia and Amelia, who teamed up with Comexim with the aim of bringing well fitting bras in large size ranges to consumers in the USA.

Here is a screenshot of their website:


They sell plunges, half cups and longlines in both styles.

Wellfitting uses their own cup lettering, but it is a combination of Comexim’s lettering (using HH after H) and US lettering (using 26, 28, 30… instead of 55, 60, 65)

Their potential size range is as follows:

wellfitting 2


Smaller band sizes tend to start and end at larger letters, whilst larger band sizes tend to start and end at lower letters. So if a bra goes up to 26P, it will usually go up to 28O / 32N / 34M / 36L… essentially stopping at the same volume in terms of sister sizes. Their largest cup letter, R, being the 17th cup letter, should work out as a UK L cup.

The bra I chose:

I chose the Beige Nude Longline Demi ($69) as I usually fit best in half cups and these cups looked the most open at the top.

welffitting beige nude(Source)

The size range for this particular bra is as follows:

wellfitting beige demi


My measurements:

Firstly, I’ll describe myself. I’m 24, 5”3-5”4, just under 13 stone and very pear shaped. My hips/seat is around 48-50 inches, whereas my bust is 10 inches smaller. I’ve got a ribcage flare (a pretty common thing actually) which can affect the way a bra looks/fits:


(I’ve just seen the bottom half of these cups, and think maybe the cup is collapsing due to lack of projection)

I’ve also got a lot of stretchy skin and a squishy ribcage. Due to this, I need to go for a tighter band. I generally go for a UK size 14 on top, and a 16/18 on the bottom.

My underbust measurements are around 30”/31” snug, and about 29” tight. My bust measurements vary from about 38 to 41, but I find that because my breasts have a slightly conical as well as splayed shape to them, I find that they seem to average out at about 39” – so I have found that 30G is usually the size I go for. Sometimes 30FF in UK bras depending on the width and shape of the cups.  I would describe their shape as fuller on top, needing quite a bit of immediate projection, narrow, tall and close together/splayed. So I thought I’d go for 30HH (9th cup size) in my first Wellfitting bra.

Previous bras I’ve tried from Wellfitting’s manufacturer Comexim recently include bras the same size:

65HH Elena 2HC: (a little on the shallow side but good enough)

comexim elena

65HH Burgundy 3HC: (a little wide in the cups but good enough)burgundy

65HH Ginger plunge: (cut into breast tissue so sold)


65HH Butterfly plunge: (second hand, a little loose everywhere so being used as a comfort bra)


The Beige Nude Longline Demi:

So, back to the Beige Nude Longline Demi . I ordered the bra on 23rd February. It was sent from the USA on the 15th March and arrived in England on the 19th March.  I had to travel with my boyfriend to go see his gran who was sick in the hospital, so this review is coming a lot later than I expected.

The bra is absolutely stunning. It’s a shiny, soft, luxurious in look, gold coloured bra.  I feel like this bra should be named something like “The Gold Longline”, though the recent Liftsational bras that just came out are also looking very gold and shiny too. It’s way more fancy looking than the website shows.  The quality is superb. I avoid silk for ethical reasons but the fabric on these cups is the next best thing, and still very soft. The cups are 3 part with 2 seams, with lace detail along the neckline.  It’s comfy, although the longline part I feel is not long enough to work well with my figure and I think some boning in the longline would really help with that.


At the centre gore lies a bow with a bead:


There are also small gold bows where the straps join to the cup:


The back has a fastening with 3 columns  and 5 rows of hooks and eyes:


The strap length is fully adjustable:


Unlike Wellfitting’s sister?/friend? brand,  Comexim, Wellfitting bras come with a tag. The inside of the cups are soft and do not have any pockets for additional padding. This is something I’m personally glad about, as I find that these pockets either distort the cup when there is no padding, or cause a lump in the cup when there is padding. However, I know that some may benefit immensely from inserts, so this bra would have to be worn with “chicken fillets” or something similar to deal with breast asymmetry if needed.


Here is the inside label, clearly showing that Wellfitting is linked to the Polish brand/manufacturer Comexim:


Here is the sizing label. I will straight away say that the US size is incorrect. The US size should say 30I. However, as the USA doesn’t really make many 30 bands, and Comexim’s sizes don’t seem to line up exactly with even UK sizes, I’m sure that the US size is probably  not going to be thought about too much.


The centre gore is quite narrow, and although the wires do not overlap, they are touching at the top. As someone with breasts very close together at the top (mine are slightly splayed, meaning that they are further apart at the bottom than at the top), this was a good thing.


How the bra fits:

As for how the bra fit me, unfortunately it seems I should have gone for two cup sizes up. As you can see, I’m getting quadboob as the cups are too shallow/small. The length of the longline and lack of boning is having trouble with my ribcage flare/squishy. (The cleavage though!)


Now we get to a non-face on view,  the spillage from the cups becomes more obvious. Also my shoulder blades, or the fact my back gets wider very close to my armpit, makes me wonder if I need more coverage in that area, but my root is narrower than the cup, so I won’t focus on that area for now. As you can see, the top of the cup cuts quite a lot into my breast. I felt as though the underwires at the bottom were hovering too due to lack of immediate projection, but this can’t be seen so well. The gore is floating. Although the straps look like they’re digging into my shoulders in a painful way, they’re actually fine. I just have squishy tissue. The band is perfectly firm and doesn’t feel too tight. It does press down on my ribcage tissue, but again, that’s because I’m squishy and I’m absolutely okay with this.


From this picture (below), the fit looks a little bit better, but the quadboobing seems to be mainly towards the centre of the cup, which cannot be seen in this picture. I have a feeling that this bra is not as projected at the centre, and this is what is causing some issues.


Now, in this picture, you will see why I will be next trying this bra in two cup sizes up (30K). This bra would give a noticeable lumpy look underneath tight t shirts. You can also see from this picture that this cup does not have much immediate projection. In my opinion this bra would be perfect for shallow, wide breasts (or someone more close to UK 30F) with a more even top and bottom fullness than me. Perhaps someone with shorter breast roots and a gradual slope at the bottom of their breasts.


This is probably the best picture to show that the band is probably what fits me best about this bra. Even though in some of the pictures it looks too tight, it’s actually pretty true to size.
You can now see that my shoulder blade is possibly getting in my way, but this could potentially also be migrated breast tissue that is outside my breast root and needs to somehow be pushed forward again. It’s tight enough to be supportive, but also comfy. Boning might have made the front half stay in place better, but may have made it less comfy.


Here is another angle, where I’m slightly bent forward. You can still see the overspill but I feel this is the most flattering picture of the bra. It’s absolutely beautiful.
I just need a different size/shape, that’s all.

In this picture I show that the wires are not quite following my breast root, as my breast root, rather than following the usual path into my armpit, tends to go straight upwards if I lift my arm like this. With my arms down, it looks like it’s in the right place, so perhaps my breast tissue moves back down again when I put my arm down. If the bra fit everywhere else, I might consider bending the wire upwards so that it rests closer to the edge of my breast root.


In this picture, I show that the gore is not tacking and I can fit a finger between my sternum and the gore.
This is another indicator that the cups are too small, as my breasts cannot get fully into the cups in the way they should.


As for what you can see under a top in regards to lumps and seams, here it is under a (what I realise is now slighly sheer!) floaty jersey size UK 16 Boohoo top and a black size medium H&M cotton top


Measurements of the bra:

Now, for the measurements of the bra and a comparison between this bra and others in the same size.

measurements demi

(Source: The measurements I added to Bratabase)

The gore is 3.5” from the top of gore to the bottom of the underwires, and 5 ½” from the top of gore to the bottom of the longline section. So, the longline part at the bottom is about 2 inches tall.

This review came a bit later that I had hoped for another reason; I have been creating the first of many ABTF guides using data downloaded from (which I now help out at doing new models/brands admin), which will include spectrums such as “very narrow” to “very wide” in any given size, and “very shallow” to “very deep”.

At 6” cup width, these cups are medium width for their index size (30:9).

AT 9.5” cup depth, these cups have a slightly lower cup depth measurement for their size.

At a cup width:depth ratio of about 1:1.6 these cups come out as slightly shallow for their size.

If you fit into bras that are in the “medium width” section, but need more depth, then I would suggest going for a larger cup size in this style, or going for a plunge style. If Comexim plunge bras are similar to Wellfitting bras, then the plunges are deeper in the cups and slightly narrower than the longline half cups.

I think this bra fits a bit shallower than the Comexim standard band half cups I’ve tried, and shallower also than the Comexim Joy longline I tried last year. I’d say Wellfitting bras are roughly the same size though. I think the fit entirely depends on your shape, and the shape of the bra you’re trying.

Wellfitting were great to communicate with, which can often make or break an impression.

After messaging Wellfitting to say that the bra didn’t fit, they were super kind about it, and suggested that it would be great to see two reviews and a comparison between a Wellfitting bra that doesn’t fit, and one that does fit.

I will be trying 30K next in this bra, which I’m confident should be the right size. I will find out if it is the right shape, and if not, I will, like with this current bra, give my best guess as to who exactly will fit into it well because we’re all different shapes and sizes, and what may not work for me, will work amazingly for someone else.

In summary:

This bra is wide and shallow for its size

The gore is narrow

The band is true to size

The straps are fully adjustable and comfortable, and their width apart was not an issue

The look of the bra is superb

The bra is well made and good quality

My fitting issues were: top of cuts cutting into breast tissue and gore not tacking to sternum.

Coming soon: Part 2 – I’ll be trying this bra again, but in 30K



2 thoughts on “Review of Wellfitting’s Beige Nude Longline Demi: Part 1- 30HH (UK 30G) by /u/xuenylom

  1. Hello,
    when I’ve started to read your review where you’ve written your usually UK size is 30G I said to myself: “But 30HH in this bra should be so small for her” 🙂 Then I saw the pictures and here it is 🙂 I also have this bra (but directly from Comexim) and I have it in 65H: My usual Comexim size in plunges is 65G and UK 30E. This bra is really shallow and I definitely suggest go one cup size up in half cups from Comexim/Wellfitting.
    Anyway I hope the 30K will be better for you and I’m looking forward to the Part 2 🙂

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