ABraThatFits 35,000th Subscriber Giveaway: Uplift


Uplift is another store founded by an ABTF member (some of you might remember her, she created several of the handy graphics in our sidebar). Uplift originally started as a pop up boutique in the St. Louis, Missouri area that also offered in home bra parties where all of the stock would be brought to your own house so you and any friends and family you invited could get fitted and try on bras in the comfort of your own home. Recently though, Uplift’s stock has grown so big that they are no longer able to travel with it efficiently so they have made the switch to selling their bras online. While this means the end of popups and bra parties, a sad outcome for those of you in STL, it also means Uplift’s bras are now available to many more women.

Unlike other retailers which get in new bras each season, Uplift specializes in past season bras with several from as far back as SS2010. This means the prices are a little bit more affordable than most other retailers and that its a good place to check in addition to ebay and bratabase for hard-to-find bras that have been discontinued. The stock is eclectic, and I think the store will prove itself to be one thats fun to check regularly to see what new(old) bras have been added.


In addition to regular bras Uplift also carries bra sized sports bras and swimsuits as well as panties. You can also buy measuring kits from Uplift which are handy to take with you while bra shopping and would be great to give as a small gift to anyone you want to tell about finding bras that fit. A measuring kit includes a soft measuring tape, a playing card sized how to measure/check your fit guide and comes in a little bag.


Uplift has generously sponsored this giveaway with 5 Uplift T-shirts (available in womens  S, M, L, XL and mens S, M, L, XL, 3XL) and 10 measuring kits, open to anyone in the USA 18 years or older, and 15 infographic bundles, open worldwide to anyone 18 years or older.



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Follow this link to enter the T-shirt and measuring kit giveaway!

Follow this link to enter the infographics giveaway!


73 thoughts on “ABraThatFits 35,000th Subscriber Giveaway: Uplift

  1. Favorite color? How could I possibly choose!? It depends on the day, and I guess today the answer is turquoise.

  2. For practical purposes, I stick with neutrals, but my favorites are gem tones like deep blues, greens, and purples!

  3. I love lighter colors and if I had to pick just one, right now it’d be pastel pink. A nice yellow or blue would be a close 2nd and 3rd.

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