ABraThatFits 35,000th Subscriber Giveaway: Rixie Clip

We’re very happy to introduce our next giveaway sponsor – Rixie Clip. They are generously donating two first place prizes of a Rixie Clip three pack and two second place prizes of a single Rixie Clip.


You have likely heard of bra band extenders before, but did you know there are also bra band shorteners? Rixie Clip is a product that was developed when a woman couldn’t find a band size small enough to wear, so she and her husband took the matter into their own hands and invented the Rixie Clip bra band shotener. Most of us have experienced the same frustration of a too large band; be it due to weight loss, size fluctuations, ribcage shrinking post-pregnancy, bras stretching out faster than expected, a new bra running large in band, wanting to extend the lifetime of a favourite lingerie piece or just not being able to find a size that’s small enough, Rixie Clip can help.


Having a band that is tight enough is crucial to finding a bra that fits; if a band is too loose your breasts do not get as much support or lift and the weight of your breasts pulls on your shoulder straps which can lead to poor posture and back pain. If you have a bra that is too loose but fits well in the cups you may want to find a way to make it more supportive, alterations are of course an option but there are a number of us who aren’t confident enough about our sewing skills or are unwilling to alter a new bra that we might want to return as tightening the band can change how it fits. It is really great that we have an option to use an alternative that isn’t permanent, can be reused, and will even double as an extender in a pinch.


Here are some reviews of the Rixie Clip, from Curvy Wordy, Thin and Curvy, and more on Rixie Clip’s testimonials page. If you’re curious how it works, watch this How to apply a Rixie Clip! video.

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103 thoughts on “ABraThatFits 35,000th Subscriber Giveaway: Rixie Clip

  1. Good luck to all who have entered to win the Rixie Clips. Also after reading al the comments, I have decided to (for 2 weeks only starting today) be buy one get one free off our website to those of you who arent lucky enough to have won the giveaway. THIS IS JUST FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE ENTERED THIS GIVEAWAY, SO BE SURE TO MENTION THIS IN A MESSAGE WHEN ORDERING or i wont know. So if you buy a 3 pack, I will throw in a 3 pack, if you buy a single pack, I will throw in a single pack. Just mention the colors and sizes wanted. Thanks again for entering and good luck.

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