ABraThatFits 35,000th Subscriber Giveaway: Revelation in Fit


Revelation in Fit is a bra boutique in Oakland, California that prides itself in practicing proper fitting techniques and carrying sizes 28-46 A-KK from brands like Panache, Avocado, Freya, Ewa Michalak, Curvy Kate, and The Little Bra Company. Robyn, the owner, is not only a member of ABraThatFits she is  also a corset maker and trained in costume design so you know she’s going to get you into a bra that makes you look and feel amazing when she’s your fitter!

The store itself is beautiful, open and bright with fun decor (like the octopus wall decal they have by their fitting rooms). The bras are displayed against the walls which makes it easy to see all your options at a glance, no digging through crowded mazes of racks! That does mean however that not all the size options are on the floor and you may have to ask someone to go into the back room to get your size. In the center of the room they have several tables where they display other items they carry in the shop, such as the matching underwear for the bras they sell stockings, lingerie wash, bra inserts, and much more.


Like these beautiful flowers made by local artists!

Though of course the main attraction for any members of ABTF are the bras! Revelation has curated a gorgeous collection of bras that have been chosen for both looks and function. This store is one of the very few in the US where you can try on bras from Ewa Michalak and Avocado, brands famous in the online bra fitting community for producing bras that not only fit well but look amazing too. Besides having beautiful and functional bras Revelation has gone out of its way to be as inclusive as possible in the size range it carries. If you’re in the underserved small band/small bust or large band/small bust size ranges there aren’t many places you can find bras in your size, but Revelation is one of them. Their inclusivity doesn’t stop at which sizes they carry either, they’re an LBTGQ friendly store and are in talks to start selling binders in addition to bras.

If you’re in Oakland, visiting Revelation in Fit is a must for anyone that is passionate about bras, in a hard to find size, or just looking for a quality boutique shopping experience with expert fitters. And if you’re no where near Oakland but still want to support Revelation, they take phone orders and are hoping to eventually sell online as well!

Here is a review of the store from Science and Silicone, and several more from ABTF members 1, 2, 3 and the video from the indiegogo campaign is fun to watch too!

Revelation in Fit has generously sponsored us with 15 3oz Soak lingerie wash bottles for the giveaway and winners can choose from the scent options of Lacey (floral), Fig, Yuzu and Unscented. The giveaway is open to anyone 18 years or older and is open worldwide!

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7 thoughts on “ABraThatFits 35,000th Subscriber Giveaway: Revelation in Fit

  1. I love hearing about amazing b&m bra stores. They are so hard to come by. And a place that carries EM and Avocado in store? I didn’t know *any* stores in the US did that. I only wish it were closer to me. It’s so important to support brands with an inclusive philosophy. I hadn’t heard of this shop before so thanks to ABTF for highlighting it.

  2. Confession: I don’t use lingerie wash on my bras 😦 I just graduated last summer and I have so many student loans, coupled with bills and the price of bras I just made do with regular detergent 😦 I’d love to use actual lingerie wash!

  3. I’ve always used Woolite delicate to wash my bras in a delicates bag in the washer – eeek! I confess I’m super lazy. I’d love to try out some Soak to enhance the longevity of my bras!

  4. This is such a big issue for me, I am used to wearing bras out quickly and that really isn’t going to work now that I am spending real money on them

  5. I would love a way to get the most out of my bras. On a teacher budget, lingerie detergents aren’t always within reach. I’d love to give Soak a try to hopefully find one I like on the first try 🙂

  6. I usually use Dr. Bronners soap for my bread, I’d love to try out a really nice brand of lingerie soap!

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